Zev Schuman-Olivier - Cambridge, MA

We wanted a Toyota PRIUS hybrid in order to be more eco-friendly and save money on gas, but the cost was prohibitive for our young family. The dealer quoted me a 3yr lease for $399/mo and I was able to negotiate it down to $335/mo. The dealer intimidated me to think that this was the best we could expect. I turned to Michael who gave me the confidence and skills to get a better deal. With his help we were able to drop our monthly payment to $250/mo, which plus the increased price he was able to get me for my trade-in car, saved us $2,500 over three years. This is an industry where car salesmen are always trying to sell you the cheapest car possible for the highest price. For Michael it is not just about getting a good deal for his clients, it's about helping us get our confidence and pride back.

Michael Drahota - Fort Collins, CO

Michael got me a great car at a great price, hands down. I would give the experience a 10 out of 10

Mary Beth Weir - Fort Collins, CO

I am so in love with this car! Thank you again for your wonderful assistance.

Vanessa Bravo - Fort Collins, CO

Mr. Kreisberg was Wonderful! He worked exceptionally hard at locating my dream car for me at a fabulous price.

Amy Van Mui - Baltimore, MD

"I had an overwhelming positive experience buying my new car through Watchdog Automotive. With the amount of money I saved with Watchdog, the services provided more than paid themselves. It is like working with a trusted accountant. You could always do your own taxes, but the accountant's professional knowledge saves you not only time and money, but eliminates the hassle."

"Michael was great at asking the right questions which helped refine my search for the car that would make me happy and still be within budget. His professionalism and insider perspective was crucial in making this process pain free and enjoyable. Each time I sit behind the wheel of my new car I don't agonize if the dealership "took me for a ride". Instead I think of the money I saved and the wonderful experience I had in buying a car through Watchdog Automotive. The only negative I can think of is my concern that Michael was out of town, I wasn't sure how he would be able to do what he needed to do being in Colorado. But that never was an issue. His ability to work the phones and emails is very efficient. I emphatically recommend this service to all."

Erik and Tracey Johnson - Longmont, CO

"Michael was very helpful in getting us into a pre-owned Toyota Highlander which we love. We previously had a bad experience buying a Town and Country mini-van from a dealership and did not want to go through that again. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and helped educate us during the whole process. In the beginning we were undecided on what to choose and Michael arranged to have four different vehicles brought to our house to test drive. After we found the vehicle we wanted, Michael negotiated a great deal for us and closing was as simple as showing up to sign the papers. We highly recommend his service for anyone looking to buy a new or used car. Thanks Michael for all your hard work!"

Nate and Lindsey Heckel - Fort Collins, CO

"Michael made buying a car a great experience and gave us peace of mind knowing that someone was working very hard on our side of the table. I highly recommend Watchdog and Michael to anyone in the market for a new/used car."

Deb Hoffmann - Fort Collins, CO

"I recently purchased a 2009 Honda Civic LX through Michael at Watchdog Automotive. It was the BEST auto buying experience I have had. I would definitely recommend Michael. The timing belt broke in my old car & I was faced with an expense that was as much as the car was worth. I started looking on Craigslist for a “good” used car and was turned off by other people’s view of “good”, the first 2 cars I looked at needed approx 2-3k in short term repairs not to mention what the car would need for future repairs. I immediately was stressed and frustrated. I met with Michael with the intent of buying a “good inexpensive” used car, not really knowing what I wanted or could afford. I changed my mind almost daily of what I wanted. Michael had the patience needed for me to change my mind. Thankfully time was on my side, I had another vehicle to drive while Michael & I discussed my options, what I could afford, what I could expect for expenses in a used car vs the cost of new, or leased. I was able to take my time to carefully calculate what I could afford, what made sense, what kind of car I wanted etc, without pressure of a salesperson. I made the decision that a new/reliable car was my best option. From the beginning whether I bought new or used I knew I wanted either a Honda or a Toyota for mileage & reliability. Michael & I met to go over options, color etc. He set up appointments to test drive a Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. I went to my appointments expecting a typical high pressure sales person. To my surprise I went to the dealership and met with the sales person, they explained the car and difference from the competition, answered my questions, let me test drive, and off to my next appointment never talking about price or trade, only to verify they would talk to Michael. After my test drives I met with Michael and told him I was sold on the Honda Civic LX, we discussed color, price point, & interest rate. Michael located the exact car, did the negotiations, and within an hour told me what he had arranged and made sure it was what I wanted. He made the deal, had the credit application faxed to me and set up an appointment to pick up my new car the next day. Michael drove me to Longmont and made sure all the paperwork was as agreed, and that there were no hidden charges. We arrived at the dealership, immediately I was shown my new car, than to my amazement the paperwork was completed, just waiting for my signature and it had the exact price & monthly payment. I believe we were at the dealership just over an hour and that included a demo of my car. I remember driving home that night thinking to myself “that was the least stressful most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had”. I never had to worry that someone may try to put one over. Michael had my interest in mind and to get me the best deal available. Michael went above and beyond. I will use Michael for all my auto buying needs. I am totally satisfied with the service Michael & Watchdog provided for me."

Scott Mitchell - Fort Collins, CO

"I have always thought of myself as relatively good investor, and I have been trained in negotiation so I figured I knew how to buy a car right. As I got to know Michael at Watchdog he just made sense. I realized that car buying is far more complicated than I thought and if I was not a true expert in the industry it was easy to make a big costly mistake. Michael was instrumental in helping me find the car I wanted, in great shape, for a great price. I wanted to be very hands on in the process, but without Michael I a would not have found the car I did and I would have spent thousands more. The piece of mind alone was worth it. I will never shop for a car alone again!!"

Tricia Lemmer - Fort Collins, CO

"As a woman buying my first car it was intimidating going to a dealership. Watchdog Automotive made the whole process of searching and purchasing a car incredibly easy. I saved time, money and stress. I would never hesitate to do business with Watchdog Automotive again, and would highly recommend them if you are looking to purchase a vehicle."

Cathy Montera - Pueblo, CO

"I have never considered buying a car by utilizing the assistance of a licensed buyer's agent. I really didn't have the time or energy to battle with salesmen and car dealerships. I found Michael's add on the internet and gave him a call. I thought I would give him a try. After talking with Michael, I knew I made the right decision to utilize his services. I simply love my Lexus SUV. From the very start, I knew Michael was really listening to what I was wanting in a vehicle and the price I was willing to pay. Michael kept in contact with me through the whole process which was totally stress free and enjoyable. I highly recommend Michael to anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle and not wanting the hassles of doing so on your own. I found Michael to be trustworthy and concerned in terms of my best interest. I believe he will work exceptionally hard on finding anyone the car of their choice."

Dawn Mills

"Thanks to Michael I got a car that I love and feel totally safe in. I am a bit of an impulsive buyer which is not good when it comes to buying a car. He was very knowledgeable about the pros and cons on each of my car selections. He spent the time on getting the low down that I just did not have the patience for. Once I picked the the type of car I wanted he got me the best deal available.

Thank You Michael!"

Howard Blumberg - Baltimore, MD

"I wanted to thank you both very much for the job you did with regards to the purchase of my 2010 Honda Pilot. Being in the tradeshow business, I am constantly traveling and did not have the time to research, price or negotiate with dealers yet alone the patience or desire to negotiate. Being someone who is unfamiliar with the automobile industry I felt all the confidence in the world that you both had my best interest at heart. Mr. Packer was able to set up a test drive for me and made sure to communicate with the dealer that I was not looking to buy that day so there was no pressure or selling unless I asked questions. When it was time to purchase my Honda Pilot. It was great to be able to walk into a dealership with the final number in hand knowing that I wasn’t going to be haggled. I was out of the door with my new Pilot in 30 minutes. I also appreciate you both being available on the day of purchase just in case there were any questions that I was unsure of. I have already recommended your service to family members and friends and would not recommend any of them doing this alone without speaking to the Watchdog Automotive Group first. I look forward to work with you both again when I purchase my next vehicle. Thanks again!"

Shelley Goddard - Lake Forest, IL

"A friend of mine told me about Michael and I was skeptical at first. I always saw myself as a great negotiator since I had negotiated contracts for the entire Teacher’s Association of my school district. I became a Realtor in my retirement so I negotiate for people buying and selling homes every day and the process and experience is second-hand to me. In years past, I felt I had done extremely well when purchasing a car…until I bought a car with Michael! Michael spent a great deal of time helping me decide what year to get and what was a reasonable price for what I wanted. I loved the Lexus LS430 I was driving, but I had started having electrical problems and knew I was driving it on borrowed time. Car Max had valued it at $3500 LESS than what Michael got for me as my trade-in. I was shocked since it was in worse shape from the previous month I had taken it to Car Max and the time I traded it in. Before I knew about Michael, I had gone to a couple dealerships and partially negotiated a couple of Lexus LS460’s ’07 and ’08, but I wasn’t enthralled with the cars because they weren’t the right color or had high mileage. I figured I had gotten the salesmen down to a pretty good price….until I bought my car with Michael. One day, Michael called me to tell me he had found a car with low mileage and the color I wanted and sent me to the dealership to test drive it. I did, and what happened after that was amazing! After I test drove it, he told me to go sit in the lounge, have some coffee and he would make the call. The next thing I knew, he called me and asked me if the price he had negotiated for the car was acceptable. It was $7,000 LESS than what I figured was a reasonable price. He even negotiated an extended warranty for me. Michael gets the highest recommendation I can give. A 10 out of 10. I have called all of my friends and told them to never buy another car without him. I know I’ll never buy another car without him!!!! If you have any questions, or a shadow of a doubt, call me and I’ll tell you more!

All the best and thanks again!"

Adam - Baltimore, MD

"I wanted to thank the staff at Watchdog Automotive again. My wife wanted a very specific car and you guys not only found it, got us a great deal, but even arranged for it to be delivered right to our door! All I can say is wow and thanks again. I would recommend every person looking to buy or lease a new vehicle to contact Watchdog before doing anything."


Dave and Margarita Hernandez-Ellis - Northern CO

"The best thing we did when buying a car was to work with Michael Kreisberg at Watchdog Automotive! Prior to working with Michael, we had spent 6 weeks researching small SUVs through Consumer Reports, the internet and friends. We decided on Toyota, Honda or Subaru due to dependability and price. We test drove each car (RAV4, CRV, Outback) twice to make objective assessments. In the end, for our needs, we decided on the Toyota, despite the Toyota dealer being the worst dealer we dealt with. In the end, the Toyota dealer did not have the courtesy of returning our calls. With the recent recalls, they did us a favor. We had been talking to Michael and he consistently said “I can get you in a 2007 Lexus with ~30K miles for the same price as the RAV4”. The car was a wedding present to ourselves and had our hearts set on a new car. After being snubbed by the Toyota dealer, we went back to Michael, signed a contract to work with him on Tuesday and by Friday we bought a 2007 Lexus RX350 with 35K miles of the exact color we wanted. We have not regretted our decision since – with our Lexus we got a car worth ~$20K more than our RAV4 for ~$1K more than the best price we could get for the inferior RAV4. Although our Lexus is a used car, it drives like a new car. We cannot say this enough, the best thing we did when buying a car was to work with Michael Kreisberg at Watchdog Automotive!

Thanks Michael!"